The Big 3

The Big 3 were the major clans that survived Potteh's days as lead Dev, and managed to usher the community into a calmed age in early 2012. This all came crashing down as the 3 began to fight amongst themselves, and one by one, they clans fell apart. These three managed to carry the community from destruction.

The 3rd MarinesEdit

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The 3rd Marines were one of the first dedicated clans formed in WW1:Source. Its leader, A. Switz, ran the clan on the principles of order and unity, mixing his experiences in former clans and the US Marine Corps. to give new recruits an enjoyable experience. The 3rd was the first and last member of the Big 3, and was finally disbanded in December of 2013.

The Kingdom of ArkayonEdit

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Beggining as a BG2/WW1:Source crossover clan, the KNR, the GoA became a major part of the WW1:Source community, being arguably the largest and having nearly as much influence as the 3rd Marines. Although the two worked together often, Leaders Liam and Switz never got along too well, and the GoA was thus not easily welcomed in the community. Despite this, the GoA aided in carrying the community from the terrible days of later 2011. The GoA was the Second member of the Big 3, and the first to disband.

The 9th Kings Own Yorkshire Light InfantryEdit

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The 9th KOYLI was the last of the Big 3 to be formed, but played a major role in providing a server for European players. The clan was the smallest of the Big 3, but could hold its own in a fight. the 9th, alongside the GoA and 3rd Marines aided the community in transitioning from the horror of 2011 to the easy days of 2012. The 9th KOYLI disbanded officialy some months after the GoA.