Artists Rifles Badge
The Artists Rifles

The real Artists Rifles was a popular unit for volunteers. It had been increased to twelve companies in 1900 and was formed into three sub-battalions in 1914, and recruitment was eventually restricted by recommendation from existing members of the battalion. The clan is no longer active, and was led by Col. Polle along with Maj. Jokfil as his second in command. The 20th was an EU based clan, with EU friendly training times.


The 20th AR was formed by an ex-member of the 9th KOYLI, Polle, a while after its downfall. Several members from the 9th KOYLI joined up to fill its ranks, and many of them are still there. The unit used to own a small server but it has since gone down, which has led to some problems, meaning recruitment had gone to a near standstill for the unit.


These are the unit's current ranks (From lowest to highest):

  • Rec. - Recruit
  • Cdt. - Cadet
  • Pte. - Private
  • Rfl. - Rifleman
  • Pfc. - Private First Class
  • Spec. - Specialist
  • LCpl. - Lance Corporal
  • Cpl. - Corporal
  • Sgt. - Sergeant
  • SSgt. - Staff Sergeant
  • 1stSgt. - 1st Sergeant
  • Lt. - Lieutenant
  • 1stLt. - 1st Lieutenant
  • Capt. - Captain
  • Maj. - Major
  • Col. - Colonel