The 9th KOYLI was a large WW1:Source clan that was founded by Greatness and WW1:Source frequent, Shifty.

Based on the unit of the same name, it took the place of the 'Big 3' clans. Many of it's players (Polle, BloodAngel, Shifty) still play the game and have founded clans such as The 9th Rangers Division and 20th Artist Rifles.

The ClanEdit

Founded in (date needed), by Greatness and Shifty, the 9th became well known, and worked with many well known BG2-WW1:Source players. It  took part in many realisms, and hosted a server for a few months. The highest rank ever held by a 9th member was CSgt. The 9th would also take place in the first and only battle of the community campaign, against long time rivals GoA.

Inactivity and BreakupEdit

Following the Community Campaign's failure and the community's drop in activity, the clan became inactive. Soon the server went down, as did the official group. Confirmation of the breakup followed. The 9th lives on through its 2 succesors, the 20th Artists Rifles  (Polle) and the 9th Ranger Division  (BloodAngel). 


A Second Lieutenants badge