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The 9th Rangers Regiment was a WW1:Source Clan.  


Based on Army Ranger units of the United States, the 9th Rangers Regiment was formed in 2013 by former 9th KOYLI member, Angel. The unit was interesting in that its leader operated in a behind-the-scenes setup, instead letting others take the place of Figure head. Though this style garnered criticism, the structure within the unit nonetheless lead to a small growth in numbers. 

Alliances with other Clans allowed the 9th use of training facilities, website, and server. This gave the 9th a home to build from. However, it's ally would use them as a tool with which to gain more members, eventually propelling themselves to success. 

The 9th was targeted and attacked by their former ally, wholly banned from their server, and their image tarnished by rumor and false accusations. This lead to the unit's figurehead abandoning the regiment, taking most of its members with him. Angel, with few members and few friends left in the community, disbanded the 9th Rangers in the fall of 2013, on the eve of The Surge. 

For a short time, the 9th Rangers were revived in 2014. With only a handful of members, it was more of a way for friends to revisit old memories. It lasted for roughly a month before the WW1:Source ground to a halt, with almost no players. It's disbandment was followed by Angel's departure from the Community. 


In Decending Order

  1. (Rct.) Recruit - Newly enlisted member.
  2. (Pvt.) Private - Member who has passed through initial training
  3. (Cpl.) Coporal - Member who has passed an Officer's training course.
  4. (Sgt.) Sergeant - Leader of a Squad
  5. (1Sgt.) First Sergeant - Leader of a Squad
  6. (CSgt.) Colour Sergeant - Second in command of a Platoon
  7. (BSM.) Battalion Sergeant Major - Multiple Roles
  8. (RSM.) Regimental Sergeant Major - Multiple Roles
  9. (2Lt.) Second Lieutenant - Leader of a Platoon
  10. (1Lt.) First Lieutenant - Leader of two Platoons
  11. (Cpt.) Captain - Leader of a Company
  12. (Maj.) Major - Leader of a Battalion
  13. (LCol.) Lieutenant Colonel - Leader of the Regiment