Alliance entente

The Tripe Entente at the onset of the war. Italy would later join the Alliance.

The Triple Entente of Europe was an alliance made by the French Republic, the British Empire, and the Russian Empire. Italy later joined the Entente. Japan, Belgium, Serbia, and Greece later joined as secondary members.

For most of 1914, the western Allies were fighting a defensive war, while Russia on the eastern front began an attack on East Prussia.

Through 1915, Germany and Austria were fighting a mostly defensive war. Later in the year, stalemate set in and trench warfare began. Italy entered the war, betraying thier allies in favor of France and Britain's attempts at breaking into Germany.

Through 1916 and 1917, the Allies were under increasing pressure, especially with Russia dropping out of the war in March of 1917. Had it not been for the inclusion of fresh American troops to supplant battle weary allied lines, Germany and Austria may have broken through and won the war.

Allied Forces in WW1:SourceEdit

The Allied Forces in WW1:Source are much like their Central Powers counterparts. So far, the Allied Forces are represented by British Commonwealth Forces.