The Brotherhood's sigil.

Betsie is the model of a dead horse used in WW1:Source. However, Betsie has taken on a new meaning for the players of WW1:Source.

Original IntentionEdit

Originaly, Betsie was simply a model of a dead horse, since horses were used quite often in WW1.

The Holy Brotherhood Of BetsieEdit

Ever since the begining there has been another side to Betsie. An unspoken agreement between two friends confirmed her name and began to defend her whenever she appeared. Then a third joined the congregation, and the Brotherhood was formed. 

Betsie is their idol. She is Good and Evil. Light and Dark. Life and Death. Betsie is the Protector and the Punisher. 

Her followers constantly battle the heretics and defilers who threaten Her Holiness. 

Only the faithful can claim to be her protecters and her followers.