3rd Marines Regiment

The oldest, most known, most respected, and without a doubt most realistic WW1:Source clan. The 3rd Marines were formed just a few months after the release of WW1:Source, and have since remained a solid force in keeping the community together. With a combination of professionalism, realism, and dedication to the community, the 3rd Marines have maintained a large following through the years. 

Kingdom of Arkayon

The once mighty kingdom which, along with the 3rd Marines and 9th KOYLI, aided in rebuilding the community after the 2011 crisis. It's leader, Galazar (A veteran of the community and former leader of the Kingdom of Navarey Rifles) was known for being secretive and sometimes harsh. As such, the GoA (In the fictive language of Arkayon, Gryzedom means Kingdom) attained a reputation of being akin to a dictatorship, with extreme rules and an unwelcoming clan. Whether this was true or not, it solidified the community's position on the GoA.  

Sometime in early 2013, the GoA disbanded. 

9th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

The 9th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry was a unit which was founded amidst the aftermath of the 2011 crisis. Alongside the GoA and 3rd Marines, the 9th aided in repopulating the community. Well known for it's memorable members and it's expert map maker, the 9th was and still is regarded highly. Though towards the end of 2012, this unit faded into non-existence, many of its junior members would go on to become well known members of the community.

Royal Winnipeg Rifles 90th Battalion

The 90th Rifles, a spin-off the GoA, was a very large clan which rose to prominence during the summer and fall of 2013. Riding on the popularity of the Surge, the 90th attained record numbers and expanded into multiple games. At it's height, the 90th boasted a count of 116 players in all. Though most of these players were not actually players of WW1:Source, the unit still had a large player base in WW1:Source. Eventually, the leadership of the 90th would fracture and the unit collapsed, while it's RnL counterpart (the 502nd) survived as a legacy of this once mighty unit.

9th Ranger Regiment

The 9th Ranger Regiment was a serverless unit which existed through the summer and fall of 2013. The 9th Rangers have a spotted history with multiple shutdowns and rebirths. It's original incarnation, arguably the most successful, attained 26 players and participated in multiple clan matches, earning some success. However, the 9th was forever in the shadow of its ally, the 90th. Eventually, multiple members, including the unit's second in command abandoned the 9th for the 90th. Weeks later, the 9th was disbanded. Though in 2014, there were efforts to revive it, the 9th was finally shut down for good in March of 2014.

Empire of Galyrei

After the leadership shift of the 3rd Marines and the departure of Switz, strife among the members of it's leadership resulted in a split. Several prominent members, who had left the 3rd Marines, were contacted by Liam, former leader of the GoA. Through the final months of 2013, Liam's attempt at reentering the community would garner some success. However, as the surge finally came to an end, players were scarce. And Liam could not stay in the community. Failure to find a suitable heir willing to take the job led to the disbandment of the EoG.   

More clans will be added upon their reaching 10 members.

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