The rifleman is the backbone of any attacking force. Equipped with two grenades, a rifle, and a bayonet, they are integral to any defensive or offensive action.

Machine Gunner

The Machine Gunner is equipped with one light machine gun and a trench club. Generally reserved for defense, machine gunners are slightly mobile and can be used to support charges against enemy lines.


The Officer is an important part of any force. Equipped with a handgun and binoculars, the Officer is able to call down artillery on enemy locations. Also, using his binoculars, he can pick out enemy positions and direct his men more effectively.


The Marksman is mainly a supporting role. Using a scoped rifle, the Marksman can pick of enemies at long distance. This is extremely useful for picking off machine gunners and officers.

Machine Gun Crewman

The Machine Gun Crewman is a soldier outfitted with a rifle and extra ammunition. He is the central part of any support team, as he can resupply machine gunners in the trench and on the move, while covering their blind spots.


The Bomber is a soldier outfitted with a rifle and large amounts of explosives. These are useful for clearing trenches and bunkers, or assaulting a position one cannot directly attack.

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