Devilswood is a default WW1:Source map based on the battle of Delville Wood during The Somme Offensive in 1916. Delville wood was at the right flank of the entire British Army, and would pose a threat to the entire offensive if in the hands of the Central Powers. The wood was eventually captured, but the forest was destroyed in the process.

Devilswood in WW1:SourceEdit

2013-04-06 00010

The Forest leading to the Town

Devilswood is a popular City Defense map. The Central Powers hold the town while Allied Forces attempt to capture it. There are two large 18 pounder artilley guns outside the Allied spawn which can be fired, and can hit an enemy caught out in the open inside the village. Use of this cannon is often considered dirty and unfair play.

This map was created by Wickit.

Devilswood in 2.0Edit

Not much is known at current about the map in 2.0, save for a few screenshots that have been released by the Dev Team.