The Empire of Galyrei was formed in 2013 by Zahandar, otherwise known as Galazar (First king of the GoA) or Liam. Its ideals of perfection in battle and triumph through skill and determination were drilled into its recruits, creating a well oiled fighting machine. Though active for a very short time, Emperor Zahandar lead the EoG to victory against the 3rd Marines in three battles, having not lost one.


The clan was formed in October of 2013 by Liam, who had returned to WW1:Source after almost a year of abscence. He recruited Angel, who had been fired from leadership of the 3rd marines after a disagreement with his fellow leaders on leadership style. The two, along with former GoA member Petra, began recruiting for new EoG members.  The EoG went on to fight the 3rd Marines on three seperate occasions, winning each battle. In late October, the 3rd Marines disbanded, and many of those who had supported Angel before he was ousted joined the EoG. This left the EoG to contend with the 90th alone.

Ranks (Descending) 

Emperor  Commander Cmd.  Lieutenant Lt.  Captain Cpt.  Sergeant Sgt.  Corporal Cpl.  Private First Class Pfc.  Private Pvt.  Recruit Rct.


Liam had, for some time, been looking for someone else to lead the EoG, as he had a new career awaiting him. However, he found no one, and was forced to disband the EoG. This lead to the creation of the TGKO.