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The first-person view of the Gewehr 98.

The Gewehr 98, (often shortened down to G98 or M98) is the standard German (Central Powers in this case) rifle in WWI: Source. In real life, the Gewehr 98 bolt-action rifle was first manufactured by the German Mauser arms-company. As the name of the rifle suggests, the model was first produced in 1898 and was made to replace the older Gewehr 88. It was also one of the first massively produced rifles to use smokeless powder ammunition, based upon the Lebel design and after his G88 predecessor.  The Gewehr 98 was put out of service in 1935, and was replaced with the newer Karabiner 98 Kurz or just K98K, which would see action in WWII. Both the g98 and kar98k are chambered with the famous 7.92x57mm caliber -Spitzer- spire point bullet (Commonly called 8mm Mauser).

The Gewehr 98 in WWI: SourceEdit

The G98 in WW1:Source in comparison to the British SMLE Mk. III Enfield has a smaller magazine capacity with 5 rounds per clip, but it comes with 5 more clips of ammunition than its British counterpart.

For beginnersEdit

With a small magazine size of 5 cartridges per load, it is a harder rifle to use for beginners. It requires the player to be more cautious and take greater care in making use of what little ammo they have in their rifles in order to take out their enemies before having to reload. For you to hit your target with the ironsights, it is recommended to place the top tip of the sight blade at the muzzle end of the barrel on your target, whilst aiming slightly off to the left.

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The third-person view for the Gewehr 98.

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The ironsights for the Gewehr 98.