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Why can I only shoot once?

You must bolt your rifle. Press Q by default.

How do I sprint?

Default is left Shift. Check your controls to change it.


Open your console, and type kill

Why can't I hit anything?

Aim slightly to the right on the Allied Forces rifle, and slightly to the left on the Central Powers rifle.

Why does everyone have ranks or stuff in their name?

Probably because they are part of a clan or regiment in the game.

Why does one guy on the Allies have a Central Powers skin?

Its a glitch. Do not kill him.

Help, I have been kicked/banned?

Go back to the server, then search the name on google. You should find their website. Ask there. If not, find their group on steam, or contact a member of the clan/organization that owns the server.

When is 2.0 coming out?

The development team are currently working on it. It is still unsure as of when it will be released.

Why am I being yelled at to stay in spawn and threatened with a ban?

It's probably a Realism, just ask if it is a realism, and if so, inquire with them or on this wikia about realism rules. Remember that rules vary from server to server.

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