The Kingdom of Arkayon Standard

The Kingdom of Arkayon (GoA) was formed in 2010/11 by it's first king, Gryze Arkazar Galazar. It's army was active in World War 1: Source, and was known as a force to be reckoned with. It was based on a fictional country, striving for utopian society, spreading its ideals via war in order to control the world.

The regiment was famous for it's history of never having lost a realism. It was not about casual gaming, but about total domination of the opposition.


The clan was formed from the ashes of an old Battlegrounds 2/World War 1: Source regiment called the Kingdom of Navarey Rifles. The clan became known for their skill on the battlefield, never having lost a realism match, and only ever losing one round withing a realism. The clan's success was owed to the strict training regimes that Galazar set for it.

Rank Structure (From highest to lowest in the structure of: NAME : ENGLISH NAME : EQUIVALENT):

++ Gryzaldum ++ ( Ruling Class )

Gryze Arkazar : King : King

Arkazir : Commander In Chief : Commander In Chief

Arkanz : Commander : General

Arkymezyr : Monitor / Ambassador : Colonel

++ Kryzanir ++ ( Elite )

Gryze Kalazar : Honor Guard : Major

Kalazar : Guard : Captain

Lazkat : Agent : First Lieutenant

Galavanz : Fanatic : Second Lieutenant 

++ The Inquizanzar ++ ( Military Section )

Arkomyr : High Inquisitor : Staff Sergeant

Darkanzyr : Interogator : Sergeant

Arkyderan : Inquisitor : Lance Sergeant

Arkadyn : Knight : Corporal

Karvanzar : Bannerman : Lance Corporal

Kalvanir : Standard : Private First Class

Arkay : Yeoman : Private

Valtanzyr : Militiaman : Recruit

During a soldier's career in the GoA, if selected for an officer rank, they would often skip the ranks between them if deemed appropriate (e.g. the clan's second king jumped from Karvanzar to Arkymezyr). It was normal for a troop to be promoted from Valtanzyr to Arkay after his first training/battle.


In early 2012 the clan was put on hiatus for various reasons, much to the dismay of its members. It was finally restarted in late 2012, but did not take an active presence in WW1:S for a while. Gryze Arkazar Galazar handed the crown over to one of his officers, Arkymezyr M. Judge, who took his position as Gryze Arkazyr (Regent) and then Gryze Arkazar. In the weeks following, it was decided that due to too few of the regiment's old, well trained veterens still within the ranks, filled with but raw recruits, the regiment would finally be permenantly demobilised, in order to not lose its honour on the battlefield, having changed so much.

Due to members still wanting to actively play WW1:S, the 90th Battalion of Winnipeg Rifles was formed by M. Judge and A. Incoming, taking on many members from the Kingdom of Arkayon's ranks.