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League of Clans standard

The League of Clans was a community project devised by veteran members Angel, Somedude, and Enigma. The League would be a collection of Clans dedicated to keeping the community alive.


The League of Clans has its roots based in the "Big 3", and was devised by seperate parties. Eventually, these three (Angel, Enigma, and Somedude) began laying the foundation for the League. Making dealings with the 20th Artists Rifles and the 90th Winnipeg Rifles to support the League and become its founding members. As the league came into being, support was high. The creators, now leading the 3rd Marines Regiment, promoted the league heavily. However, only a day from the first official meeting, the 3rd and 90th had a falling out, and the League collapsed. 


The League would have been organized into a hierarchy somewhat like this:

  1. The League President, voted to power by members of the League.
  2. The Clan Council, a council consisting of representitives from each clan.
  3. The Community Council, a council consisting of community representitives.
  4. The League's Security Council, created to ensure punishment for peoples who damaged the community, such as Bamse (DDoSer).
  5. The Clans themselves.