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The first-person view of the Lee-Enfield.

The Lee-Enfield SMLE MK III (or just Enfield Rifle) is the main battle rifle of the British infantry in WW1:Source. Introduced in 1895 (in its earliest variant), this rifle saw service within the British and Commonwealth forces for a period that stretched as far as the later half of the 20th century.

The Lee-Enfield in WWI: SourceEdit

The very model used in WW1:Source is the SMLE mark III variant (Short Magazine Lee-Enfield). Like most of the rifles at the time, it used a bolt action mechanism for cocking and feeding and was made of tanned, blued and painted steel parts. The stock was made of walnut wood. The rifle is chambered for the .303 british round. The rifle has a magazine capacity of 10 rounds. The Enfield rifle is without a doubt one of the easiest rifles to use as a beginner, since its ammo capacity allows for a continuous and systematic fire on a given target, giving room for errors. However, the iron sights are less practical and thus less accurate than those found on the Central Powers' Gewehr 98. It also has a slower reloading rate than the Gewehr 98 if feeding the receiver with the maximum amount of ammunition, since it holds 10 rounds instead of 5, unlike its enemy counterpart.

For beginnersEdit

To hit your target, it is recommended to aim just a tad above, placing the middle area of the sight blade at the muzzle end of the barrel on where you want to shoot.

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The ironsights for the Lee-Enfield.

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Third person view of the Lee-Enfield.