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A view of the river.

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A view of the Central Power's trench.

The Marne is a historic map based off of the First Battle of the Marne. It is known for being slightly off balance when it comes to gameplay, since the Central Powers have a more defensive position, and high ridges that give them a perfect view of the Allied side of the river.

The First Battle of the Marne was the end of the mass Central Powers' advance into France. The Central Powers were almost unstoppable, but a flawed tactic opened up their right flank to Allied attack. From September 5-12, 39 French and 6 British divisions clashed with 27 German divisions along the Marne River, eventually causing the German forces to retreat. This caused a stalemate to ensue as trench warfare halted the German advance.

The Marne in WW1:SourceEdit

The Marne is one of the default maps that come with the game. Mainly only played in public games, due to it's small size and often unequal gameplay because of the Central Power's defences being much better.

The map was made way back in 2006 for the mod "In Flanders Fields" for HL2. The creator was Slackiller, and the map was polished up for the 1.0 release in 2010 by Wickit .

The Marne has been confirmed to be in 2.0