WW1 Source Best realism attack round ever!

WW1 Source Best realism attack round ever!


Realism is a commonly used scripted plugin for Sourcemod.

Realism Game ModeEdit

The Realism Game Mode is a sourcemod script created by A. Switz [3rd MAR] for servers that changes the default mode of WW1 Source's gameplay to that of the realism game mode.  In a realism you are only offered one life to use and no respawning.  Each side either attacks or defends each round until the last remaining soldier on one side is eliminated.  Defending sides are only allowed to defend certain parts of the map.  Depending on the amount of players, defenders may counterattack if the attacking side only has so many members left as what was predefiened by the event coordinator before the event started. To keep options open in the game mode, the game relies heavily on a game co-ordinater, normally and admin of the server. This enables special rules to be chosen/made up in order to make the experience more fun, rather than have everything hard coded in the gamemode so it can not be changed or customised in game to suit the amount of players, or general wishes of the playerbase.

Common Rules Newbies Should KnowEdit

In a realism, there are a few rules that must be followed in order for them to proceed without hitch.  It is important to follow these rules or faced being kicked or even banned from the server running the event.

- Follow administrator's and event coordinator's instructions. There is a "planning" period at the start of each round where there is a temperary lull in the action.  Attackers are supposed to remain in their spawns as they wait on the defending team to organize their plans and defenses.  

- Ramboing is a term used for players who do not remain where they are told and go either out of the spawn when they where not supposed to or across the mid line if they are on the defending team before a counterattack is allowed.

- The script I created does have certain bugs that I could not fix.  One of them is after each round if you select a special weapon/class other than rifleman you will still respawn with the rifleman class no matter what.  However, the server still has you "reserving" that weapon class you first chose.  You must kill yourself to then spawn with that weapon class you originally wanted.

- Some servers have additional rules they enforce based off certain maps or conditions.  These can be when artillery can be used, midlines changing, attackers allowed to fall back and set up a defensive line and the old defenders must now attack when the battle or number of players reaches a predefined point, etc etc.  It is very important that you pay attention to what is being said by your commanders and administrators because they will remove you from the server if you are messing everything up for everyone else.