The Community of WW1:Source is the group of people who play WW1:Source. 

What we areEdit

The Community of WW1:Source is peculiar. It has a host of dedicated players who have, throughout the years, done all they can to keep the mod alive. Twice, the community has come back from the brink of death, and once again survives only on minute gasps of breath. Our players are dedicated to the mod, the community, and spend their time and (in some cases) money to keep the Community up and running.


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Community OrganizationsEdit

Through the years, the Community has seen many Organizations operate within it. Here is a list of the clans, units, and organizations that have operated in WW1:Source history.

Realism Units

The 3rd Marines Regiment

The Kingdom of Arkayon

The 9th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

The Empire of Galyrei

The Kingdom of Navarey Rifles

The 9th Ranger Regiment

27th Jäger Battalion


Teutonic Gaming Knight Order 

Ulino-Iberian Empire 



League of Clans