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World War One: Source (Also known as WW1:Source/WW1:S) is a Half-Life 2 modification made on the Source engine. It was released in 2010 and has since been in development. It is currently at version 1.13 B.


Development began in 2009 when Wickit began developing the mod with the developers of "The Trenches 2",  "The Fields of Horror", and "In Flander's Field" (all Half-Life 2 WWI mods in the making) banded together to create a greater mod using their combined intellect.

By February 2010, a beta, 1.10 B, was released to the public, followed by 1.12 and 1.13 patches. The first editions included 5 maps, 3 classes, and 2 teams. The maps included were  The Somme, Marne, Passchendaele, Devilswood, and Bunker. The classes included were "Rifleman" "Machine Gunner" and "Officer". Shortly after the release of 1.13, the next update, 2.0, was announced. But trouble struck the mod while the development was on-going. Arguments between the community and developers over custom scripts created a rift between developers and community members.

After a long fight, Potteh (Primary coder at the time, and strongest proponent of removing custom scripts) left the dev team. It eased the communities fears, but also weakened their hope for 2.0, because Potteh took with him the code for the mod. It was thanks to current dev leader Ashton and co-leader Volcol that the mod was set back on track. Now, development of 2.0 is nearing completion.


2.0 is the next and likely final update of WW1:Source. 2.0 has been in development since 2010. The first iteration of 2.0 was ultimately destroyed in 2011, however work has been ongoing since 2012.  

WW1:Source 2.0 will be a massive update to 1.13b. 2.0 will feature new code, new models, new textures, new maps, new classes, and even more features which have yet to be seen.

Below are the maps which are confirmed to be in 2.0.





Below are the maps which have been mentioned or shown, but are not confirmed for 2.0




Ww20 steam2

British Trooper thumbnail (Late War)

Ww20 steam

2.0 German Screen (Late war)

Timeline of Development

(All information below is taken by old news posts and references, all errors should be fixed with correct information)

December, 2008

20th-Wickit announces development of WW1:Source, begins assembling dev team

27th-The Trenches 2, The Fields of Horror, and In Flander's Field dev teams merge with WW1:Source

January, 2009

21st-Update reveals maps and models, development moves quickly

February, 2009

20th-First map, Passchendaele, is completed, Artillery and Officer class shown

March, 2009

21st-Main Menu music is composed and released

May, 2009

22nd-G98 finished model, along with Allied and Central Powers models are finished and showcased. 

WW1:Source enters Alpha 1 phase.

June, 2009

29th-Somme is finished, Dev team gathers new members ivsound (sound dev) and JAWS (weapon animator)

WW1:Source enters Alpha 2

July, 2009

22nd-Devilswood is showcased, Ztormi (coder and mapper) leaves team, deciever (modeling) joins Dev team

August, 2009

Playtests continue with 10+ matches. Maps are polished.

September, 2009

27th-deciever reskins Allied "Commonwealth" Soldier

October, 2009

22nd-Public alpha is canceled, dev team advertises for level designers and animators

November, 2009

26th-Dev team loses Alpha server host, early shots of ww_bunker, development nears Beta-stage

December, 2009

14th-Gameplay video is released 

Teaser (Could not add video to page)

January, 2010

24th-Bunker is completed, Beta is announced for February, models and animations finished

February, 2010

9th-mirrors set up, beta packaged

10th-WW1:Source beta is released

28th-1.12B patch is released

July, 2010

11th-Wickit and Deciever (Dev leader and coder) resign, Sol takes command of the dev team, Sol begins recruiting more developers, work of 1.13B begins.

August, 2010

10th-redisigned weapon models are completed, new sounds are completed, Volcal takes command

September, 2010

14th-Wickit begins work on WW1:Source 1.2b

17th-1.13B is released

October, 2010

15th-First 1.2 map development begins, ww_ypres, Volcal brings Potteh on to the team, new MG08 and Lewis gun models are developed

November, 2010

11th-Modeler DannyCon and weapons animator Tank is brought to the team, (First mention of Ashton (?)), weapons and ypres map near completion

13th-Dev hosted games are held

25th-Map textures updated, Prototstar joins the dev team, Lewis gun is retextured, Potteh (originaly a UI designer) begins working on Coding 1.2B, Lee enfield and Allied "Commonwealth" Soldier are retextured

February, 2011

12th-1.2B becomes 2.0 (?), Ashton begins work on Gheluvelt, Sneaky joins the team and begins work on the MG08,  Potteh redesigns 2.0's HUD, 

17th-Wickit posts on the current mod status, including a short history of development, his involvment, and an apparent argument amongst Dev's

(Everything from this point to July is pure speculation, as news posts were deleted)

17th/Volcal quits the Dev team due to a disagreement with potteh

(December, 2010) 29th-Potteh decides to remove custom script support and sourcemod in 2.0, dev members and mod community/leaders threaten to leave the mod, 

(Febrary, 2011) Potteh leaves with all 2.0 Source material and code

(May, 2011)Dev team attempts to aqcuire WW1:Source material taken by Potteh

(June, 2011)Potteh finally breaks contact with WW1:Source devs and begins work on Pavot with W

W1:Source material, leaving the WW1:Source devs with empty hands and a community likely to leave them in favor of Pavot

(Back to news segments from the dev team)

November, 2011

11th-Ashton brings the Dev team to working order, work begins on 2.0 maps, Volcal brings in his old lewis gun model, Ashton starts work on "Crossfire", ChrisTanky begins work on the Webley, Switz creates a new website for the mod, OccupationG begins work on the combat system

Dev team as of November, 2011






Switz-Web Designer




Vman-Particle Effects

December, 2011

25th-New ballistics effects, new weapons and grenades, redisigned Marne, new character models

January, 2012

19th-Austro begins work on models with Volcal, 3 new classes are announced, new animations and textures added, Irish begins work on Ancre, Chris Colbeck and Rohail join the dev team, new CP model announced

March, 2012

23rd-New artwork from JesusFood is released, new officer and infantry models are designed, map Artois screenshots are released, new weapon models are revealed

February, 2013

18th-Somme screenshots are released

Somme 2

Somme screenshot from 2.0

May, 2013

24th-Dev team announces that 2.0 is "75% done", while multiple sources say that 2.0 release date is set for Fall of 2013, or spring of 2014

July, 2013

20th-Mod progress "nears Completion"

October, 2013

31st-Developers ask for extra coders to assist primary coder HolyMac in a "Final Push" for 2.0

November, 2013

11th-Developers release a remembrance day post, reveal new bandage system

February, 2014 

10th-Developers ask for  new coders, and announce a halt of production until one is found

May, 2014

Dev team as of 2014

Ashton93 - code, lead, pr

ChrisTanky - animator

Volcol - modeler, texture artist

OccupationG - coder

Semmel - mapper/jack of all trades

Holymac - coder

Steve - coder

Nicolay - animator

Point - sound engineer

Vman - particle artist

December, 2014

23rd - Dev team releases update detailing the physics of shell fragmentation.


WW1-2.0 Artillery